Wednesday, November 28, 2012


This was the view from my tree stand when I was hunting last Saturday. Picture really doesn't do it justice, and on a clear day you can see Mt. Washington. It was really foggy on the way out that morning but I ended up above it. You can see it all still in the valleys with the mountains behind.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Good Mechanical Weekend

So a couple weeks ago Molly, George and I had some fun free stuff to do. First we went to an auction just outside of town. All the stuff belongs to a local Dr. who apparently has had auctions before and donates much or all of the proceeds to students going to school to be doctors. Needless to say he has a lot of stuff. I won't coment on every picture b/c there is a ton.

Really wanted both of these Honda's. The one above for Molly and I'd take the one below!

He also had a good bit of toys and all kinds of other stuff. Check out this remote control cafe' racer.

Love this  Alfa

6 into 1 exhaust pipe!

Lots going on in this BMW dash, notice the tape deck on the left side, and heat vents!

1964 Indy race car, less engine

This picture doesn't really show this size of this table but believe me when I say it was huge!

Cabinet full of old car tail light lens'.


So the building in the back ground is the barn where most of this stuff was kept. 2 stories plus the attic.

Maserati engines if anyone needs one

Most of these bike were from the 1940's they sold them in groups of 5. Some went for $75 for 5 other groups went for $575 for 5

Sunday after church we drove down to Mass to go to a vintage bike show. We arrived at the very end but there were still great bikes there.

This bike was really, really nice, showroom nice. Read the sign under the bike to see why!

On the drive back home from the bike show we drove up Hwy 1A along the pretty but short coast of NH. Some of these kites off of Hampton Beach were as big as our car!

That was our good weekend, warm weather always means there is something to do, and lots of time if you start looking around the fun stuff is free!