Saturday, February 19, 2011


So I've been pretty excited about trying some new beers here in Iowa that are not available back east. And as always I'm a big supporter of buying local as often as you can to help promote smaller brewery's and let them now that people are taking notice that they are creating good tasting beer. So I was given permission the other day to run across the street and pick up a six pack and this is what ended up in our fridge. "Iowa Pale Ale" brewed by Millstream Brewing Company out of Amana, IA. I have never disliked pale ales but I rarely buy them, I'm not sure why, but this little guy reminded me that good pales are REAL GOOD PALES. I also liked their play on IPA but instead of India it's Iowa. I also like the trees made out of hops on their label. I don't feel that I'm capable of describing what is going on within the tastes of these beers given that there is such an incredible amount of work that that goes into them and I'm but a novice in this game. So I'll keep my comments to, it tasted great, and I like their artwork. As I become a little more learned maybe I'll venture into describing the flavors and the variety of hops being used in the beers I try but I have a ways to go.

I been eying this bottle in the store now since we moved here and I haven't tried it yet because of the cost. About $5.50 a bottle. So I finally caved (Molly wasn't with me). It's brewed in Scotland in the oldest inhabited home in the country! I gotta say this is the best beer I've had in a while. Brewed with Coriander it takes an interesting taste and is easy to drink even in light of it's 8% ABV. The color was a very pleasant dark cola brown with a very thin white head.