Monday, May 3, 2010

Free Vintage Bike Show

This past weekend Molly and I went up to the North Carolina Transportation Museum to go to the vintage motorcycle show they were putting on. The museum is more trans than anything mainly because it is in an old locomotive repair factory. Spencer NC was on of the fastest growing towns in the state at the height of the steam locomotive era. However with advent of the diesel engine the need for repairs and upkeep fell drastically. They do however have many cool old car, motorcycles and even a few planes. One thing that I love about the museum is that is is always FREE! So with the word free in mind and motorcycle exhaust in the air we headed up for a quick afternoon fix.

2 very cool BSA's

Just look at all those pipes! CBX's are one bad dude!

Above is one of my favorites a CB400F

Above is a custom built CB 450 and a very cool
Triumph below.

A real British built single cylinder 500cc Royal Enfield

And there was no shortage of cool bikes in the parking lot.