Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Here is just one of the many, many Ducati's that were at the Ducati tent and there were tons more everywhere else!

Very nice 750cc Ducati and if you look closely at the side of the tank you can see the plexiglass "sight glass" down the side.

Horizontal mono shock just looks so cool...

This was a custom built bike by a member on the forum. really, really nice work and it won bike of the month on "do the ton".

Who knew a Virago could look this COOL! I've been seeing more and more of these bikes being customized on line and they always just look wicked.

The triple engine beast slaying Norton! What a fun engine that would be to build!

I really like the Honda CX's and this one is just too cool. I gotta say that at first I wasn't too hip on this style seat but I think that one day I'll have one on one of my projects.

We talked to the guy that built this bike for quite a while. He's out of Connecticut and brought two super nice examples of cafe' Honda's. They were both clean and the attention to detail was great as was the creativity of a lot of the small part modifications.

Barber had great areas like this all over. Nice tree covered areas that overlooked the race track and with the weather being so nice it couldn't be beat.

Here is just one quick shot of what the place looked like. All the bikes in this shot were ridden there and belong to spectators. The bikes are allowed to park along the road which makes it great for a continual "show" as you walk from place to place.

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Monday, October 10, 2011


This past weekend my father-in-law (Erik), his friend Ed Haas and myself made the trip to Birmingham, Alabama to attend the 7th annual vintage motorcycle race and show. I gotta say that it couldn't have been a better weekend for a lot of reasons. It was a real treat to watch the old bikes run flat out around such a professional and beautiful track, the museum was absolutely amazing, the "real" museum was all around outside everywhere you looked and the weather could not have been nicer.

A little racing action above with the rarely seen in the US sidecar racers below.

Some of these pictures are a little fuzzy but I was a little ways away and had the camera on full zoom. You can see the "monkey" move from side to side on the sidecar in order to shift weight so the bike will go through the corners faster without tipping over...hopefully.

Don't be fooled, these guys are moving at a pretty good clip and if you look closely and some of the "monkeys" you can see that they are women! Now that's trust!

I'll be posting more on all the great things that went on at Barber this year with quite a few pictures to come.

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