Friday, June 17, 2011

Beer, Beer and Beer

I've been able to try several different beers lately and have pictures of most but haven't gotten around to posting about them yet so in order to help clean the camera here are a few...

Red Brick - Brown - 6.0%ABV
Brewed here in Georgia (ATL) I was pleasantly surprised by this one. It had a great smooth taste with complex flavors that I didn't really expect from a very reasonably priced ale.
The label has a nice little word from the brewers:
"Weep for your northern brethren: Long winters, suspect college football, and perhaps worst of all, no red brick beer. Since 1993 we've been brewing fine craft beers for the south. We're proud to stand alongside grits, hound dogs and mama as embodiments of the southern lifestyle. We're proud to be beer from around here."
I thought that was funny

Crown Valley Brewing - Big Bison Ale - 7.2%ABV
I think this is one that I like more than all the rest that I tried so far from Crown Valley. The rest were very good but I just really enjoyed the sweet taste and finish of this beer. Brewed in Genevieve, Missouri this is their take on a Belgian Dubble. It's not thick like a stout or porter but carries a bit of weight with it and is easy to drink despite it's higher abv.

Crown Valley Brewing - Plowboy Porter - 5.5%ABV

Another beer from Crown Valley, this porter was good but personally I like my porters thick and dark brown to almost solid black in color. You can see in the picture it is a bit lighter than a more conventional porter and I think that translated to the taste as well. It wasn't bad by any stretch but I feel that it could have been just a wee bit closer to conventional, just my humble opinion.

Weyerbacher- Merry Monks Belgian Style Golden Ale - 9.3%ABV

I am a sucker for a higher alcohol beer! I poured this into two wine glasses for Molly and I (we split all beer that we don't have multiples of) and the first thing you smell is bread! You could smell the yeast in it. This might not sound great to some of you but I love it, and couple that with a ABV of 9.3% and all I can say is that I wish I had more so I would get a full glass!

Kiuchi Brewery - Real Ginger Brew- 7.0% ABV

Molly and I first had this beer the night we arrived in Camden, ME. We were running later than we had planned because of our flights changing on us but because of that we ended up eating sushi with beer for dinner. This is one that was paired with our meal and it has a wonderful ginger taste and was perfect with our sushi dish. The ginger taste was not overpowering but was present enough to taste and enjoy the cool crispness that comes with ginger. We have had trouble finding this particular beer for sale in places other than on the internet however, on our trip to Charleston, S.C. this past Feb I happened upon it at the Charleston Beer Exchange.

Stone Brewing Co. - Sublimley Self-Righteous - 8.7% ABV
Southern Tier Brewing Co. - Imperial Iniquity Black Ale - 9.0%ABV

Both of these brews which I also bought at the Charleston Beer Exchange peeked my interest because on the flight down to Charleston I read an article about the rise of a style of beer known as a "black IPA". There are many opinions from what I understand as to weather can actually be categorized on it's own or weather it's just a sub category of an dark ale. It has however been given it's own rank at most beer competitions now. The Stone Brewing I thought was good and it had a large hoppy taste as many IPA's do, it was very dark in color but was not thick like the color might suggest it would be. For my personal tastes though I would prefer just a bit less bitterness.
Southern Tier's version was wonderfully well done I thought. Not over powering bitter but had a very well balance between the bitterness and dark sweet maltiness. The hops were definitely there, you couldn't miss them but I thought the balance and drinkability were spot on.

Boulevard Brewing Company - Dry Stout - 4.9%ABV

While Molly and I were in Iowa, we were pleasantly surprised at the abundance of beer we found from Boulevard Brewery out of Kansas City, MO. We tried several beers and Molly also loved their great reusable six pack boxes (no pictures I'm afraid). This was a good example of a dry stout and had a good drinkability as well. It was smooth and had a great taste. Hopefully sometime they will start carrying it further east so we can have it again!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Short Ride Today

My good friend since early childhood was in town this weekend and when he is here we usually try to get a ride in if possible. Today we rode from my parent's house through some country back roads, a few small towns and back again, about 70 miles in all. Not too many miles but very nice to get out and always fun to ride with someone else.

I spotted this great little fill station a few weeks ago as Molly and I were driving up to Macon and had to come back and snap a few pictures.

Grarrett and his Victory Hammer 8 Ball

I wish people could tear themselves away from their overly busy lives to walk inside, talk to an actual person, put cash in their hands and use great pumps like these!

Yup, that's $0.65 per gallon.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Getting There...

It's Hot in Georgia already!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dream Job...

I think Raleigh, NC could support a cool place like this. Who's got some start up money?

Deus - Camperdown, Sydney from Deus Customs on Vimeo.

I didn't stumble upon this my self but saw it over at motorcycle photo of the day. Great site go check it out.