Thursday, September 20, 2012

The New Old Family Wheels

So a little while back Molly was looking around Craigslist when she found this gem only a few minutes from her parents in GA. Erik was nice enough to go take a look at it for us.
Erik said it was in really good shape and even if we decided not to keep it, at the price we could flip it and make a few bucks.
Erik did a lot of maintenance that needed to be done as well as ditched the 40 year old fuel injection. It made it from GA to NH about 1200mi and now is the new family truckster!
The original owner picked it up from the factory in Sweden and drove it around for a while then had the factory ship it to the States.  It pretty much lived the rest of it's life in GA and the guys wife drove it back and forth to K-Mart for over 20 years. After the drive up from GA it has just over 116,000 mi.

1972 Volvo 145E Wagon
4 Cyl 
Auto Trans

We also have the steel wheels which I think I'll save for summer wheel/tire combo

Big steering wheel means NO power steering. Also, this has the tightest turning radius of any car I've had hands down!

This is a picture with the rear seat up but with it down we get just over 7ft of room!!
If we ever get to the point of needing a bit more seating this also had an optional third row seat, we'll just have to find one.
Check out that perfect headliner!

We also have the owners manual which is really great just to read, kinda funny too.
Here are a few of the stats, ours is the F engine

So far we're pretty pleased with old car. I have a few more things to do before it gets cold but that shouldn't take too long.