Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's Official!

This past May, not long after I was laid off, my father-in-law told me to check out a restoration shop in Iowa because they were looking to hire an engine machinist. Well about three weeks ago they called me and wanted me to come out and have a sort of working interview. So I flew to Sioux City, IA and worked for three days. The shop is very nice and the caliber of cars coming in and going out of the shop is really amazing. After I returned to NC I got an email offering me the job! a little less than two weeks Molly and I are headed to Northwest Iowa to start the next phase of our lives together. Being married just under a year and looking back, it looks kinda crazy! You're not supposed to get laid off five months after you get married then move more than twenty hours away to a place that can have wind-chills down to -60 degrees! I know that we will be fine and that God will sustain us but it's still makes me a little nervous. However, everyone I have met out there is exceedingly nice and I'm sure we will fall into place quickly. Now for those of you interested this is a link to the place I'll be working and this is a link to where in the world Sioux City Iowa is.