Thursday, November 25, 2010

1 Year Later

A few days ago Molly and I had our one year anniversary! Some of you may remember our wedding cake and how none of it was left nor did we really relish the idea of keeping some of it in our freezer just to pull it out in a year and say... Do we really want to eat this?! We thought of this while on our honeymoon in Camden, Maine and one day while we were perusing the merchandise in a adult beverage store it hit us!! We'll just get some beer and hang on to it and have that on our one year anniversary instead of frost bitten dried out cake! We purchased a beer that was local (Portland, Maine) this is what it said on the bottle;

"Perfect as an aperitif or to toast a special occasion, our golden colored tripel reserve has a complex fruit and spice aroma. Complemented by a full palate with suggestions of honey. A long, warm and soothing finish follows. Allagash Tripel is well suited to cellaring, and will continue to mature in the bottle and improve with age."

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Not so New Wheels

So earlier this week I bought a truck to get me to and from work for a while. It's a '69 F-100 4x4 and it's not in super great shape but it runs and drives and will hopefully go through the snow pretty well. It has a little rust behind the front wheels and a tiny bit in the floor of the bed but other than that it's ok. Several dents here and there but hey, that what these old farm trucks were about. I don't think it's in good enough shape to keep long term so the plan is to drive it this winter and then look around for another cheap one with a little better body. We'll see what happens. As far as this one goes it's getting power brakes, a new windshield and stock steel wheels and hopefully stock bumper.
(I'll also be peeling off the Lynard Skynard sticker off the rear window!)