Monday, April 13, 2009

"One Piece at a Time"

I've been working on my bike little by little and slowly it's starting to look a bit more respectable, although I still have a long way to go. I found some turn marker on the ebay machine from an older GSXR for $1.80!

The mirrors that were on my bike were the wrong ones so as soon as I got these they went straight in the dumpster. The mirrors were one of those things, to my surprise, that changed the whole look of the bike.

I took the stock peg mounts off and milled "windows" in them to make them look a little more modern. I also got rid of the very large rubber foot pegs and replaced them with aluminum pegs from a late 90's Honda. I intend on making some new peg mounts from scratch but just haven't sat down and drawn it all out yet.

There are still several, several things I am either in the process of doing or is on the list...the long list of things I want to do.
I have painted the wheels finally, and painting the engine will be one of the next things. New wheels and tires are on the list as well as a little more paint on the fairings and tank. Hopefully I will be posting more pics of progress soon.

10 point bonus: Who sang the song named in the title?

Sunday, April 5, 2009


So last weekend I made the short 4hr drive
down to Statesboro GA. (home town) My sister
and I have been planning on attending the
Chris Thile (Punch Brothers) Concert in Savannah during their
nearly three week music festival. The concert
was amazing as always!! The weather was pretty
amazing as well... it rain the whole way over...
and during... and back. The thunder did add an
unusual aspect to the music.
The next night my girlfriend Molly and I went to see the "Infamous Stringdusters". I saw them in Charlotte last year and loved them, Molly saw them a while ago in Macon as well. Before the concert we were able to catch a quick meal at "Moon River Brewing Company" . I had blackened scallops which had a little too much
blackened on them but the great beer made up
for it!! Molly had a hamberger and some of their womderful porter beer.
On monday we got up fairly early and made the short drive to George L. Smith State Park to go canoeing for a few hours. We couldn't have asked for better weather especially after all the rain earlier that week.

(watch the video I took of the Punch Brothers last week)